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Pilot Ranks

Rank Title Minimum Hours Pay Rate/Hour Can Fly Rank Image
Probation 0 $8/hr BE55, BE58, C404, BE60, C340, PA31, PA27, AC68, PA34, P32R, C182, C210, C337, PA24, C421, BE35, DA62, M20T, COL4, SR22,
Captain 1 $33/hr E55P, BE20, BE9L, B350, C750, H25B, E50P, F406, LJ45, C550, LJ24, PC12, LJ35, DH8D, C525, SW4, TBM8, FA7X, C510, B738, B60T, LJ25, C441, LJ60, B712, A319, PA46, EA50, PAY2, PRM1, AC90, CRJ7, CL30, CONI, GLF4, PAY3, B38M, FA50, MD83, SF34, C560, SF50, C56X, E35L, C700, TBM9, C25C, RJ70, MU-2, P180,
Commercial Captain 10 $64/hr All the aircraft
Sr. Commercial Captain 50 $130/hr All the aircraft
ATP Captain 100 $153/hr All the aircraft
Command Captain 250 $193/hr All the aircraft
Sr. Command Captain 500 $223/hr All the aircraft
VIP Captain 1000 $263/hr All the aircraft
Sr. VIP Captain 2500 $300/hr All the aircraft