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VATSTARVATSTARVATSTAR is a VATSIM approved ATO program offering P1 through P5 training. Elite recommends all members who fly on VATSIM to earn their ratings.
VATSIMVATSIMVirtual Air Traffic Simulation Network (VATSIM) is a completely free online platform which allows virtual pilots, wherever they are in the world, to connect their flight simulators into one shared virtual world. VATSIM also simulates air traffic control in this virtual world, creating the ultimate as-real-as-it-gets experience for you, the virtual aviation enthusiast.
phpvmsphpvmsphpVMS is the most popular, free, virtual airline software, with support for various ACARS applications (kACARS, FSACARS, XAcars, FS Flight Keeper, and FSPassengers), AJAX-driven administration panel, complete with financial reports, schedule management and various other features designed for realistic operation of your virtual airline.
Flightsim.comFlightsim.comCommunity for desktop flight simulation