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Pilot Bases

Elite Air Taxi Pilot Bases

Elite Air Taxi, like many executive transport companies, uses the pilot base concept as opposed to a HUB. The pilot base is simply the location that a pilot is assigned to for administrative purposes. There is no requirement to begin or end a duty rig (a series of flight) at your pilot base. Unlike airlines where the passengers will come to a specific airport to board a plane, in executive transportation we send the airplane to the closet airport to the customer. When a pilot begins their duty rig they may live near their pilot base, but the airplane is somewhere else. In the real world the pilot would be flown via airlines to where the airplane is located and they would pick up the airplane and then fly the airplane to where the customer is located. Since at Elite these dead head flights (empty flights) are already accounted for we only fly the revenue piece (the part of the flight with customers on board.) Since you can virtually live anywhere you want feel free to pick any pilot base that you like. 



North America


Centennial CO

London Stansted UK

Addison TX

Amsterdam Schiphol NL

Dekalb Peachtree GA

Copenhagen DK

Orlando FL

Vienna SW

Teterboro NJ

Athens GR

Chicago IL

Nantes Atlantique FR

Portland-Hilsboro OR


Van Nuys CA


Ted Stevens Anchorage AK


Montreal Saint-Hubert QB


Toronto Pearson ON


Vancouver BC


Cancun MX


Dominicci Isla Grande PR