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Rules and Regulations

Elite Air Taxi

Based on the desires of our membership Elite Air has transitioned to a free flight environment. Under this concept our members may fly any aircraft in our fleet to any location at any time. If a route you desire to fly is not available you can make your own flight at our create a charter page

New members must still complete a 1 hour flight in one of our piston aircraft prior to joining the free flight environment.  

Questions or comments about our operations may be discussed in our forums.


Elite Professional

Elite Professional is for our members who desire a more realistic and structured organization that more closely follows the operations of a real world FAR Part 135 Executive Jet Company. Participation is Elite Pro is voluntary and members may freely transfer between Elite Air Taxi and Elite Professional. To join Elite Professional please contact the Division Manager though our VAMail system.

Elite Professional has the following additional restrictions:

  • Elite Professional members will have a unique ETB pilotid, however they will still use ETX and "Elite" when flying online
  • Members shall fly routes sanctioned by Elite Professional Staff (usually listed as ETB flights) at least 50% of the time 
  • Members must hold a type rating for the aircraft they choose to fly (Earn type ratings from the Flight Academy) See our DISCORD sever for a list of aircraft that can be used with Elite Pro.
  • Members must fly IAW FAR Part 135 and meet the additional provisions of the Elite Professional FSOP
  • Pro members who meet the strict requirements for 6 continuous months can earn badges signifying their accomplishments

Elite Pro - 6 Month Award

To earn Elite Pro badges, you must:

  1.  Be a member of Pro for 6 continuous months
  2.  Complete a type rating, create a new type rating course, or complete a FAR Part 135.297 Pilot in Command check
  3.  Select up two aircraft in which you hold a type rating and which you will only conduct Elite Pro flights
  4.  Fly only Elite Professional flights (ETB) during the six months